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Oh Hello

Welcome to Vow + Vast! A business + blog, I created this way of life when I realized more people were becoming fellow solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, sole propietors and small business owners. For us, having our passion become our job is a goal we strive for. This blog is for those aspiring to become one, the ones already living in the day-to-day hustle and those who have made it their full-time gig. No matter what stage you are in with starting your business, you are 100% welcome here. We are going to talk about ALL THE THINGS! The good, the bad, the real bad, the silver linings, the come ups and the break-throughs balanced with ways to inspire a work-life balance, inspiration for your business and our bread n’ butter- productivity.

Oh yeah, A quick summary about me though…

Well I’m a fellow small business owner that is currently scaling and growing my team of badass virtual task managers to help other solopreneurs around the U.S! I’m planning a Pinky & The Brain sized world takeover while drinking a bottle of wine and bingeing a new show on Netflix. Work-life balance is a lifestyle. It isn’t easy, but after being burnt-out way too often before turning 26, I decided I needed a whole new change. Starting with my career.

I grew up in upstate New York (hey Albany, you pretty) and moved down to sunny ol’ Tampa when I was 8. After ranking up massive college loan debt and plenty of amazing memories to make it worth it in New Orleans, I moved back to Tampa with dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, running the marketing department and moving to a new location. That clearly did not happen. Being a Type A perfectionist, I regularly stressed myself out to the point where anxiety attacks would take form often. That is no way to live. After realizing that I needed to take control of the anxiety was when the epiphany occurred- work for myself. That way I work everyday in the names of my passions, what I’m good at and can directly see the influence of my work.

I believe that you can 100% create a life for yourself. And a profitable one at that! Whether that profit is in the form of a great work-life balance, travel, money or plain ol’ happiness, it’s achievable.

The Fun Things

As a normal Type A lady I like the following hobbies: event planning, interior design, home organization, wardrobe styling and checking off a long to-do list. I curse like a sailor. I often say I have no soul, rate things/objects/moments/events on a 1-10 ratio and am categorized as an ambivert. I’m left-handed. Would love a black cat and a dalmatian. Quotes/sings Broad City 24/7. Listens to Lizzo on repeat.


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