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Alicia Waldner: Owner, ADventure Marketing

Alicia Waldner: Owner, ADventure Marketing


Influence everyone

The best part of being almost exactly a year late in posting interviews is to see exactly where each of your interview subjects are presently. Alicia is the exemplary reason why my laziness paid off! Fresh off her one-year anniversary since founding ADventure Marketing with partner Zach, she has continued to influence everyone that crosses her path with postivity and motivation.

Now 100x busier than she was last year, you can catch her speaking at events, mentoring clients through her OTHER company (Alicia Waldner Mentoring) and celebrating the recent gorgeous re-brand of the marketing agency. Let’s take a peek at where she was one year ago!

You have a strong social presence and now a marketing agency. Tell us a little bit about what we will be seeing this year from you.

In 2018, I expect for everyone to see the determination and passion I have behind my goals. I have been re-branding myself heavily since last November as a young, driven business woman with the goal to spread motivation for others.

In addition, I have several different projects I am working on other than ADventure Marketing which is what I hope to promote on my social media. Behind the scenes I am plotting for my mentorship program and a YouTube channel. You will start to see links directed towards my podcast! So very excited to see all the changes on my platforms.

Last September I wanted to start this podcast as I was in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship for ADventure. I saw it as being content from real live moments of what it is like, from failures to success. Although, I never followed through this is my chance.

| V+V Commentary: She is literally 2 out of 3 on her goals! That’s AMAZING. Something tells us we’ll be hearing her on a podcast soon! She’s already been a guest on other local podcasts.


Photo cred: Alicia Waldner

What drew you to marketing and motivational speaking?

As I like to think I am a people person, I realized that I had an affect on more people than I ever imagined. Overtime, as more and more people started coming to me for life advice, I realized had to take it to the next level. I truly love helping people, specifically those that need the extra push to realize that they have what it takes. Through my speaking I am hoping to motivate those that are holding back and go for their dreams.

“…I was gaining the wrong followers”

What have you learned about having a social media presence? Is there anything you wish you did or didn’t do early on?

YES. I got tied up with the wrong attention. As I started my fitness journey I saw those that were becoming Insta-famous but posting revealing photos. I quickly got trapped into it as my followers were increasing at least 30 by the day. BUT it was not long after when I tried to launch my inspiration blog Be You that I did not have as strong of interactions on my platforms because I was gaining the the wrong followers. It took a while, but I had to re-brand myself as the person I am now and even though my Instagram does not get the same enough attention, I know long term it will pay off.

| V+V Commentary: Paid off it did! Have you followed her yet? Get your daily dose of motivation! She constantly gives us the fire under our butts to get moving.

When did you have your “Aha” moment that resulted in taking the plunge into owning your own marketing agency?

I was fired from the job of my dreams. For 2 ½ years I worked for a medical marketing firm that changed my life. Because of this opportunity I was able to learn a lot about digital marketing that really made me stand out from my peers. Sadly, it came to an end the week before I graduated college expecting to go on salary as they let our entire department go. In that moment I knew that I no longer wanted to rely on  anyone else.

In addition, when I was job hunting I could not find a job in my field, which really hurt. Thankfully this pain, was the friction to start my own company with the goal of creating the strongest internship program that any company has managed to do so far.

| V+V Commentary: Fun Fact- This is where V+V CEO, Kristen met Alicia! Her internship program IS one of the strongest as she has hired or plans to hire each intern working at ADventure Marketing.


Photo cred: Alicia Waldner

What was the hardest part of becoming a small business owner?

The hardest part about being a small business owner is that as much as you want to grow you have a small bandwidth and it’s important to not get ahead of yourself and grow too quickly. Creating a business is a process and you need to take the right steps in a timely manner before jumping the gun and not being able to cover your own.

How are you involved in the Tampa community? How do you hope the community will grow in 2018?

I am very involved at the University of Tampa. Currently, I am working with a marketing professor to create a creative agency for students to get real digital marketing experience. The professor and I were able to collaborate with a huge franchise owner of McDonald’s as we help him position McDonald's to Millenials digitally.  I am very excited to be a-part of this as well as volunteer my time to help students grow.

“…I hope to express the situations women get put in with being a business owner.”

Do you have any other matters, topics, or issues that you advocate for?

Yes. Although, I have been quite silent about it I hope to express the situations women get put in with being a business owner.

I am specifically trying to pinpoint those situations when a male tries to use your business as a way of getting to know you better or speaking with you. I have had multiple situations where men will see that if they bring a “potential” business opportunity to me that that will open a discussion for them to get to know me better and have my personal contact information.

Some men have gone as far as playing the job and actually have a meeting with my business partner (who is a male) and I, then will try to pull the trigger of asking me out when 100% of the time they never planned on using my company's services. It is very annoying when men use you and your time to try to make their own move and I wanted to start raising awareness of it.

| V+V Commentary: This is something we can definitely raise our hands to! Too many times has this happened to us. Has this happened to anyone else?


Photo cred: Alicia Waldner

“The only thing that is stopping you is your excuses…”

Do you have advice for those who feel stuck? Or fee like they can’t turn that “Aha” moment into a reality?

Yes, JUST DO IT. Regardless of your experience or financial situation, there is no reason why you cannot start dedicating time towards figuring out, planning your dreams and goals. The only thing that is stopping you is your excuses and if you don’t learn to get rid of them now you never will.

What does your self-care routine look like? Any favorite activities to keep your mind and body happy?

If I didn't work out as much as I did I would not be able to stay sane. A few years ago, I struggled with really bad anxiety and stress. The only way I got out of it was implementing a steady workout in my schedule. Currently, I try to work out twice a day where I do cardio in the morning and lift at nights, but of course with being a business owner it can be hard, but as long as I make it 5-6 times a week I feel great.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Speaking at the University of Tampa! One of their members I met with who I really enjoyed was able to land a digital marketing internship opportunity through my help!  

Who is your tribe?

Passionate, motivated and caring individuals.


Photo cred: Alicia Waldner and Zach, co-owners of ADventure Marketing

What is the last instagram post you liked?


Photo cred: @paradise

Let’s talk fashion. What do you consider your favorite staple piece?

My favorite statement piece BY FAR is my watch! I always have to wear on to complete my outfit…especially my work outfits!

Scenario: You just met a new friend who just moved to Tampa. Where and what are the top recommendations you would give them to get to know the city?

  1. Armature Works

  2. Downtown (walk area)

  3. Oxford Exchange

  4. My office!

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