A Note From The HBIC: Let's All Tidy!

A whole new room. Everything in it radiated energy and in turn, I felt better in it. Now, I keep my closet doors open as it is completely organized and a prized gem in my room. I'm even able to do yoga in a larger space and fall into morning meditation easier. 

Now let's share some of the goods so you feel the same! 

The KonMari Method is the tidying strategy created by author Marie Kondo. She is a literal tidying badass that is internationally known for her method and has a wait list for months. Not one of her clients has relapsed into hoarding, being messy or in general, being a disorganized human being again. I can't name all the mic drops she wrote in her book about basic organization, cleaning and tidying, but here are the tips that stuck with me most.