7 Challenges Small Business Owners Face

We asked 7 Boss Babes what their current challenge is. Whether you’re from the wedding industry, the fashion industry, or real estate, you’ll be able to identify with these ladies. We all come to the point where we have to ask ourselves "how am I going to get to the next level?" and "what can I do to have better balance in my life?" We’re excited to celebrate with you when you overcome your challenges & get closer to accomplishing something important to you.

5 Tips for Working Remotely

Working remotely has always been a goal of mine and I've made it a reality over the past two years. I'm less stressed, create my own schedule, home all day with my dog, and I save a lot of money by not commuting and having to buy work clothes. The one thing people misunderstand is that this remote, laptop lifestyle isn't as perfect as it seems. Here’s how I combat these struggles.

How To Use Time Blocks As An Online Entrepreneur

Time blocking is a best practice I learned years ago in the corporate world.  In a competitive environment, I needed systems and processes to put me ahead of those around me.  My natural behaviors as a type A came out in full force. I wanted structure, definition, and consistency in my days.  Time blocking my calendar was born and I have used it ever since. And now as an entrepreneur and juggling my own business and many clients, it is crucial to a day’s success.  

What Balance Actually Looks Like for an Online Entrepreneur

No one gets into business to work 20 hour days, to ignore their family and friends or to be so stressed out all the time that they randomly break out into tears. That said, no one also gets into business to sit there and see no results or take no action. 

So how do you balance the two? Consider the following my own lessons learned and now highly valued tactics that I use to bring the balance into my life & business.

11 Ways To Unblock Creativity

Have you ever felt like you’ve totally hit a brick wall and can’t break through to finish the project you’re working on or find the right way to say what you’re trying to communicate? Of course you have! Anybody who has made anything great has experienced that brick wall, blocking you from something fabulous. How do you break through? We asked 10 fantastic business owners, all from different industries, how they break through. 

10 Ways To Summon Creativity

The work we do requires originality on the daily, which isn’t the problem. The problem is that there are lots of things commanding our attention and resources and this can often get in the way of creativity. It’s gonna be pretty hard, if not impossible, to churn out an authentic design or clever copy if our head isn’t in the right space and we’re feeling bogged down. Today we’ve got some tips from watercolor artist Crystina Castiglione of The Messy Painter to help.

Breathing Life into Your Work Space

Work space feeling a bit dull? Let me rephrase that; is it making you feel a bit dull?

Consider if it is because every day at promptly 8:00 AM you walk in to what looks like a jail cell and your 8th grade classroom’s love child, or if it is actually because of the negative energy of Susan sh*t talking everyone in the office finally wearing on you. Let’s help you on both! Because you deserve to love where you work.

Get to Know Trello: A 101 Guide to How Trello is a Game-Changer

Can I just put it out there? And get my feelings out of the way right off the bat? Trello changed my life.

Yep. I said it. Nope, not exaggerating and I will go toe-to-toe with anyone who thinks I am. (Keep in mind I’m only 5’1” so, you know, don’t be scared). If you haven’t heard of this life-changing tool, please FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY, go and check it out. Are you beginning to get a sense for just how much I love Trello? Good.