9 Reasons to Kick FOMO to the Curb

This week’s topic is ‘FOMO’, aka ‘fear of missing out’. We’ve all been there— sometimes multiple times a day. It’s hard not to feel envious of others and fall into the trap of the comparison game because we have access to so many different people and ways of life. We can get a peek into the life & work of celebrities, idols, friends, and much more. Instagram & Pinterest can be tools to foster inspiration & get creative juices flowing, but more often than not they’re also the main culprit for causing us to feel like we’re not doing enough, that we’re not successful enough, or some other negative (and definitely untrue!) thing. These 9 women are here to share not just that they too experience FOMO, but also how they combat it.

How 7 Women Are Making Self Care A Priority

While all our relationship might look different, there’s one we all have in common— a relationship with ourselves. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself as well as your significant other, children, & business is something I know you’ve thought about, put on your 2019 vision board, & taken steps to make happen. Here’s how 7 women are making themselves a priority this year. Take a peek at their story & know that we’re cheering you on every step of the way as you write yours. Stay boss! xx -G

Unwind Without The Wine

As a bartender, aspiring sommelier, and college student, I’ve got a lot on my plate, and as entrepreneurs, so do you. Lately it feels like different alcohols are just taking their turns on me day after day. From post-work cocktails, drinking wine at dinner, to keg stands with Brad on the weekend. All that booze takes a toll on me. So put down the bottle, and start with six of our favourite ways to wind down at Vow + Vast.

11 Self-Care Tips for the Busy

Self-care can mean anything that allows you to intentionally set aside time to prioritize your physical and emotional well being. It means slowing down from the hustle of daily life for that precious moment of “me-time.” This does not mean you must have endless time or money to practice self-care. In fact, some of the best ways to practice self-care are 100% free! Here are a few examples of simple things you can do for yourself today:

5 Tips For Your Best Night Of Sleep

Think about what your nighttime routine looks like. Do you rush through dinner and then melt into the couch for a couple of mindless hours of TV? Or do you get back to work, staring at your computer screen and responding to emails until you can’t possibly keep your eyes open anymore? When you do finally crawl into bed, do you toss and turn? When you stir awake at that ungodly hour, do you reach for your phone to check the time and then end up scrolling through Instagram? If that sounds about right, you probably also grimace at the sound of your alarm antagonizing you an hour too early in the morning…HERE ARE MY TOP 5 WAYS TO PROMOTE OPTIMAL SLEEP:

What’s The Big Deal About Breathing?

Take a deep breath.

It’s the solution to every uncomfortable scenario; from work stress to the pain of childbirth.  You hear about it in yoga. You’re encouraged to take 3 deep ones before saying “something you’ll regret.”  

In and out.  Fast or slow, deep or shallow- you do it all day, every day.  You do it while you’re sleeping. So what’s the big deal? Why all the hype about breathing- isn’t your body taking care of it already?  Why should you have to put any thought into one particular bodily function- you’re not asked to focus on your heart beating, or your cells metabolizing...so why this?

Well.  Take a deep breath, and we’ll talk about it.

Let's Get Visual: Vision Boarding for Non-Believers

Vision boards are all over Pinterest for a reason- they work!  A visual representation of what you want your life to look like when you achieve your goals, your vision board might be the key to actually making those New Year’s resolutions stick. Whether you’re of the universe-having-your-back camp or on team show-me-the-science, vision boarding is inarguably valuable to focusing upon and achieving your goals, ultimately bringing you closer to the life you want, and deserve, to be living.

Are You In A Fitness Funk?

Working out is the BEST.  WIth a quality, consistent fitness routine, you look great and feel great.  Your energy is KILLER. Mood is HIGH. Digestion is ON POINT. Bloating? Heartburn?  Not in this house! You sleep better. Your skin glows. You’re less likely to snap at your boss and get fired, so even your bank account is better off.  So why is it that after a good long stretch of working out and reaping these benefits, you start to feel like…

You’re in a rut, a plateau, an old-fashioned FITNESS FUNK.  

How do you de-funk?  I’m so glad you asked.